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This occasional seminar series presented by the UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH) explores the cutting-edge of stigma science, policy and practice. CSRH will draw on insights from national and international experts with the aim of building awareness and skills in the use of stigma concepts and evidence.

Through this series, CSRH hope to contribute to developing a shared literacy around key concepts in stigma, centrally involve people with lived experience in examining and unpacking research, and advance our efforts to reduce the effects of stigma in Australia.

NAPWHA is a partner/collaborator on the CSRH Stigma Indicators Monitoring Project.

17 August 2021: Introduction to stigma for the BBV workforce

Video:  On 17 August 2021, Carla Treloar facilitated a seminar for the UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH UNSW Sydney) Seminar as part of the Spotlight in Stigma series with presentations by Loren Brener, Timothy Broady, Darryl O’Donnell (AFAO) and Aaron Cogle (NAPWHA).

29 September 2021: Stigma and Policy

In the second seminar of our Spotlight on Stigma series, CSRH explored why and how policy processes have focused on stigma. An expert panel discussed how policy processes can enable efforts to tackle stigma, where gaps remain and how community voices are included in policy processes around stigma.

Speakers include:

  • Matt Craig — Manager of the HIV and STI Unit at the NSW Ministry of Health.
  • Carrie Fowlie — CEO of Hepatitis Australia
  • Jules Kim — CEO of Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association – the peak national organisation that has been representing sex workers as well as sex worker organisations, collectives and projects throughout Australia since 1989.
  • Stuart Manoj-Margison — Director of Blood Borne Viruses, Sexually Transmissible Infections, and Torres Strait Health Policy Section within the Immunisation and Communicable Diseases Branch of the Australian Government Department of Health.

Facilitator: Scientia Professor Carla Treloar, Director, UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health & UNSW Social Policy Research Centre

16 October 2021: Stigma and the structure of health systems

In the third seminar, Carla Treloar will explore the organisation and structure of health systems. The expert panel will discuss how these organisational and structural factors can produce stigma and give us tools for tackling stigma within health systems.

Speakers include:

  • Sione Crawford — currently the CEO of Harm Reduction Victoria: the organisation representing people who use drugs in Victoria, Australia and has previously worked in the ACT and NSW at sibling organisations.
  • Associate professor Fiona Haigh — Director of the Health Equity Research Development Unit (HERDU) a joint initiative between the UNSW Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity and the Sydney Local Health District.
  • Dr. Thomas Ungar — Psychiatrist-in-Chief at St. Michael’s Hospital of the Unity Health Toronto and Associate Professor University of Toronto. He is an award winning educator, communicator and creator of the You Tube web-series Think You Can Shrink?

Facilitator: Scientia Professor Carla Treloar, Director, UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health & UNSW Social Policy Research Centre

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