Positive Latinx Australian Network (PLAN)

Positive Latinx Australian Network (PLAN)

The Positive Latinx Australian Network, known as PLAN, is an advocacy group represented by and for a collective of people living with HIV in Australia who are from Latin American and Hispanic backgrounds.

Who we are

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PLAN Latinx Australia was founded in 2021 through an initiative of the NAPWHA HIV Health Literacy Framework project – a community-led project which employs a participatory action research approach aiming to build the capacity of PLHIV communities and to develop tailored health promotion.

Led by Community Advocate, Miguel Valencia, who works in collaboration with a founding group of other peers including Oscar Sanchez – PLAN Latinx Australia has been established through NAPWHA and continues to advocate for health literacy and health promotion. The PLAN Latinx Australia group will meet regularly for advocacy work and to support social networks.

Upcoming events and activities

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Finding your place – Migration and Mental Health 

Join us for an empowering and informative event, “Finding Your Place: Migration & Mental Health,” dedicated to enhancing migration literacy and promoting mental health resilience. This event aims to shed light on the challenges faced by migrants while fostering a greater understanding of their experiences, as well as providing valuable insights into building resilience in the face of adversity.

Expert Panel Discussion Topics:

  • Understanding Migration: Explore the social, economic, and cultural aspects of migration, along with its impact on individuals and communities.
  • Migration and Mental Health: Learn about the unique mental health challenges faced by migrants and effective strategies to promote well-being and resilience.
  • Legal Perspectives: Gain insights into the legal frameworks surrounding migration and the rights of migrants.

Registration is now open. Reserve your spot today to secure your participation in this transformative experience. Let’s come together to support one another, empower ourselves, and promote positive change.

Date: July 8 2023 10:00 am – 1pm AEST
Location: 95 Coventry St Southbank 
Online and in person 

Previous events and activities

  • Visa, Migration Discussion Forum: Part 2 – December 2022
    The second installment of the online comunity forum was an opportunity for PANA and PLAN to discuss the lived experience and visa journeys of people living with HIV, and related mental health challenges.
  • Visa, Migration Discussion Forum – October 2022.
    This online community discussion forum invited PLAN and; PANA to learn more about what it means for people living with HIV to apply for student, work and partner visa processes, and another important pathways like health waiver process. We were joined by guest panellist from HALC (HIV/AIDS Legal Centre)!
  • Experiences of accessing healthcare for culturally and linguistically diverse people living with HIV In this HIV Australia podcast, Jimmy Chen from the National Association of People with HIV Australia talks with Carlos, who is originally from Chile and is living with HIV, and shares their experiences accessing healthcare for culturally and linguistically diverse people living with HIV.

How to engage with us

Are you living with HIV in Australia? Do you identify with a Latin American or Hispanic background? We would like to hear from you. We meet regularly to advocate on behalf of ourselves. Our social network will aim to provide a safe inclusive spaces and ways to connect with each other for social connection.

It is also a way to exchange conversations relating to HIV and general health – this includes talking about navigating the healthcare system in Australia.

How our meetings are conducted

The group connects primarily by teleconference, with capacity for an annual face-to-face meeting. An email loop is used to facilitate discussion and consultation between meeting times, circulate information for discussion, and assist in NAPWHA’s consultation process as matters arise.

About the Health Literacy Framework project

PLAN was founded in 2021 from work and the findings under the NAPWHA HIV Health Literacy Framework project. The Health Literacy Framework project is a community-led project which employs a community member to develop and tailored health promotion for people living with HIV (PLHIV). Community Advocate, Cristian Cortes consulted with community peers to develop the ideas for establishing a national network.

Activities undertaken to establish PLAN:

  • In 2021, Community Advocate Cristian Cortes with Oscar Sanchez,  conducted Community Conversations with peer networks from around Australia. This aimed to investigate what works where and how in terms of health literacy (gaps, enablers and opportunities) and improving HIV-related heath outcomes for heterosexual men. These consultations went on to inform a range of health literacy initiatives targeting (or tailored for) latinx people living with HIV.
  • Latinx Community Conversations was summarised in a Report available for download [PDF]

From this investigation, the health literacy project aims to implement some project initiates, including: 

  • In 2021, a core reference group including Oscar Sanchez will commence formalising discussions around the formation of a NAPWHA-auspiced network.

Video:  NAPWHA Project Officer, Eloise Monteiro presented as part of a Health Literacy Framework project report back to members at the NAPWHA AGM 2021. Community Advocates from the project made announcements of new NAPWHA-auspiced national networks: Jimmy Chen of Positive Asian Network Australia (PANA); Anth McCarthy of HetMAN Australia (Heterosexual Men Advocacy Network); and Cristian Cortes of Positive Latinx Australian  Network (PLAN)

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