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40 Years of HIV in Australia – 1980s-1990s

Five of our community members share their incredible and inspiring personal life journeys reflecting on 40 Years of HIV in Australia (1980s-1990s). This article was made possible through the generosity and powerful lived experience of our collaborators; David Menadue, Anth McCarthy, Bev Greet, Adrian Ogier, and Heather Ellis.

Positive Responses to ‘It’s a Sin’

Everyone has been talking about It’s A Sin, the television series that throws us back to the 1980s, to the fear and panic of AIDS and the people it touched the most.Four positive writers share their thoughts on watching this compelling series, currently screening on Stan.

U=U in a sero-discordant relationship

“Serodiscordant (or sero-different) relationships are very rarely shown in popular culture, so there’s not really much to compare our own experiences with.” Sydney-based HIV and bi+ community advocate, Steve Spencer, explores what modern HIV relationships in the era of U=U.

Reflections on Sex during COVID-19, HIV+ Perspectives

Sex can be a difficult topic to discuss at the best of times, given it speaks to highly personal and intimate feelings we have about ourselves and others. But in COVID, with uncertainty about risk factors for transmission of the virus, it is extremely hard to get most...

Sex, Mental Health & COVID-19

When asked to write about sex and COVID-19, I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. Even though I’m part of multiple COVID-19 taskforces, there are still so many unknowns, with many PLHIV affected in wide a range of ways. The reintroduction of restrictions in Victoria has been particularly difficult for many members of community.
I chose to interview two sexual health professionals, Dr. Wendell Rosevear and Associate Professor Darren Russell, to get their take on sex and mental health at the current time.

De-stressing during COVID: The Joy of Writing

Then I remembered something that I have often done in times of stress and uncertainty. I opened Word on my computer and started to write. To put my thoughts down. Not necessarily for anyone else to read but I’ve found that the act of writing can help to crystallise my thoughts, to give some of my thoughts a bit of clear air and sometimes resolve a few issues just from the effort.

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