The Meaningful Involvement of People with HIV in Research

Positive people have a long history of involvement in research. Indeed, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the positive people that came before us, who participated in research even though they were sick, even though they often knew that research would not benefit them personally.

Is vaping nicotine the answer to quitting smoking?

Last year, HIV Futures 10 was released and heralded that smoking rates among its participants had dropped dramatically. While over 50% of the total sample were daily smokers in the early 2000s, the study showed that today only 20.8% of people with HIV report they are tobacco smokers.

The Last of Their Number

In 2021, NAPWHA held consultation activities to give us a clearer picture of what drives good and bad quality of life for people with HIV. A surprising picture emerged.

Across the Generations

David Menadue found out he was positive in 1984, Beau Newham in 2019. Given they belong to different “HIV generations”, how different were their experiences and how much are they the same? Beau and David got together recently to compare stories. 

The Long Road Forward

As the President of NAPWHA, Scott Harlum gave two speeches for World AIDS Day in 2022 – one at a dinner event in Sydney and the other at Parliament House in Canberra. Both spoke to the national World AIDS Day theme: ‘Boldly Positive’. This is a combination of the two speeches.

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