Bi+ Positive Advocacy Network (BiPAN)

The NAPWHA Bi+ Positive Advocacy Network (BiPAN) will be established in 2024. Stay posted for more details soon.

BiPAN’s goal is to advance the wellbeing and represent the needs and interests of all multi-gender attracted people living with HIV in Australia. ‘Bi+’ is the umbrella term that includes people of any gender that may identify as bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, fluid, queer, and more. Research shows that over 10% of people living with HIV in Australia identify as bi+ but the true figure is likely to be higher. Since the beginning of the epidemic bi+ people have faced unique challenges and forms of discrimination that have followed the changes in Australia’s HIV response.

Bi+ people have unique needs and experiences and we seek to create spaces for greater understanding and connection in order to address the health and social inequities that exist. We believe strongly in bi+ visibility and bi+ inclusion in the diverse communities of people living with HIV in Australia

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