HIV testing

A national project supplying HIV self-testing for free, delivered directly to those who need it the most. provides discreet, easy to use, and highly accurate HIV self-testing kits for free to anyone currently living in Australia.

About the project is a joint project between the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) and Queensland Positive People (QPP). The program brings together community and industry to reduce barriers to HIV testing nationally. This national HIV self-testing program allows individuals to utilise an online ordering system to receive one year (four test-kits) of HIV self-testing kits delivered to their preferred address at no cost. operates as a single page information platform, with an easy-to-use, low barrier ordering form. The website is designed to provide key information to users, whilst maintaining a straightforward experience for the public. Referral to more comprehensive information on key topics such as HIV transmission, STIs and PEP/PrEP is found throughout the website.

Other than English, the ordering platform is also available in

Download the media kit offers five distinct platforms to help engage a wide range of communities and populations across Australia. This is reflected throughout our media materials, and allows for organisations, health services and individuals to choose the platform and content that best suits their needs.

These platforms allow for appropriate digital referrals to other websites, as well as flagging of specific support services most appropriate for the targeted communities. The targeted platforms also allow for communities to see themselves reflected on the platform in the same way as they are reflected in our materials.


This project has been supported by an independent grant from Gilead Sciences

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