For media

For media

NAPWHA works with the media to ensure issues relevant to people living with HIV are reported in a non-judgemental, compassionate way. We are happy to provide comment for the media on stories of relevance to people living with HIV.

NAPWHA is the appropriate organisation to contact for media comments on issues that affect people living with HIV nationally. For state-based issues we recommend you contact our relevant member organisation in the first instance.

NAPWHA media contacts

For media comment, call the NAPWHA office 02 8568 0300.

Resources for the media

NAPWHA recommend the AFAO HIV Media Guide – Information for Journalists website. The website aims to provide journalists with tools to ensure that media coverage of HIV is accurate and sensitive. It includes tips on best practice and non-stigmatising language, as well as case studies that highlight the need for careful reporting of HIV-related issues.

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