Medibank Data Leak: Update

Medibank confirmed yesterday that the current data disclosures DO NOT include HIV status, contrary to what was announced by the media (this has now been corrected). However, NAPWHA understands that the potential for HIV status to be the subject of future releases of stolen data is still concerning for many PWHIV who keep their HIV status private.  

At present, only about 100 records have been released and they do not contain HIV information. People with HIV who have not yet been notified that their data is part of the data leak should draw some reassurance from this. Medibank has already contacted those whose data is involved. 

 We know that this will be an unsettling time for many people living with HIV who fear their personal health information might be in the hands of the Medibank hackers. Please reach out for support from NAPWHA or the ‘people with HIV’ organisations in your State or Territory if you need it. 

 NAPWHA will continue to monitor the situation and respond where we are able. We are working with Medibank and the AFP to provide appropriate support and assistance to people with HIV caught up in this data breech.  

We encourage anyone who has been affected to reach out to Medibank and to follow their advice. If you are contacted by someone claiming to have your data, you should immediately contact the Australian Federal Police on (02) 1300 292 371 or call 000.

Below are several contacts to services that can provide you with the advice or support you require. 

What to do:
Medibank Cyber event updates and support:
Cyber Response Support Program 

Report a crime:
Australian Federal Police 
(02) 1300 292 371 or 000
AFP media release 
ReportCyber Website 

Contact Medibank Private
13 23 31 national and international Medibank customers 
13 42 46 AHM customers 
1800 081 245 My Home Hospital patients

Help and Support:
NAPWHA will direct you to relevant support services
1800 259 666 (Free Call)
NAMWHA Members  


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