Let Women Talk — Sarah Feagan & Diane Lloyd

In this video episode of Let Women Talk, HIV community advocate Sarah Feagan speaks with Diane Lloyd — who has worked passionately in several roles for different organisations, as an HIV activist and advocate; and as a Community Development Worker at Peer Based Harm Reduction WA. Her presentation at the 2019 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference held in Perth on 17-19 September, led with the title: Women and HIV: Why are women still invisible?

About the presentation

In her presentation, Diane references the National Network of Women Living with HIV, known as Femfatales, who are an advisory group by and for women living with HIV. The group are constituted to provide collaboration between those involved in policy and advocacy work for women living with HIV in Australia.

On 9 March 2020, Femfatales will be marking the third year of the National Day of Women Living with HIV in Australia with the theme no women left behind. This awareness raising day was created by Femfatales: “The more we talk about women and HIV and encourage women to be tested, we then can help raise awareness that support women living with and affected by HIV.”

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Let Women Talk is a NAPWHA community-led health literacy initiative where HIV community advocates incorporate their rich perspectives and diverse lived HIV experiences back into strengthening community health responses — where women design and develop the health content and interventions that they want to see and hear. The initiative is one of many activities forming part of the HIV Health Literacy Framework Project, a NAPWHA project supported through the funding of ViiV Healthcare Australia.

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In this series, Sarah Feagan reports back from the 2019 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference aiming to translate research back into community practice.

Who’s in this interview?

Diagnosed with HIV since 1986, Diane Lloyd has been passionately involved with several organisations. She is a NAPWHA Board Director, member of the Femfatales, Vice Chair of the Positive Organisation Western Australia. Diane is currently employed by Peer Based Harm Reduction WA as Community Worker and a weekly shift on the needle exchange. As clients utilise the service she is able to educate on harm reduction and blood-borne viruses, often sharing her personal experience. Diane has been open about her status since the beginning, being proactive and dedicating her time as an activist. She is open in the community and is feels fortunate to be within an understanding workplace that allows her time to attend meetings relating to HIV.

Sarah Feagan is a queer women who has been living with HIV since 2008. She is the previous chair of Positive Women Victoria and has recently joined the team at Living Positive Victoria as a Peer Navigator. She also the Vice President of NAPWHA. Sarah is a co-facilitator of Phoenix for Women and the Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDi). Sarah has unique approach to her advocacy and is inspired by the lived experience of the body positive to inform her practice. Sarah’s advocacy spans the from the grass roots all the way up to high level governance. She has a global outlook with a local focus to bringing the community along with her.

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