Re-imagining the role of the NAPWHA Treatment Outreach Network

NAPWHA’s Treatment Officer Network (TON) has operated for over twenty years. During that time the treatments landscape has changed fundamentally, as treatments have become simpler and easier to take, resulting in less demand from clients for treatment advice and support. Organisations have refocused on broader health and wellbeing issues including wellness, quality of life, mental health, housing, employment, and education, among others. In this environment NAPWHA sought to explore alternative arrangements for provision of HIV treatments information to and by its member organisations.

In 2021, NAPWHA surveyed community organisations to collect data on: client needs and how these are met; numbers of staff and the type of staff engaged in HIV treatments education; views on how treatments information might be delivered in future; and workforce development and service standards to support this vision. A consultant analysed the findings and presented options for future treatments engagement.

This initiative is the first survey of treatments information provision in the past decade. It represents an opportunity for HIV community organisations and HIV care providers to consider and respond to the changing context and experiences of HIV care an peer support. This poster was presented at the Joint HIV&AIDS & Sexual Health Conference 2022.  See also the abstract submitted

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