Declaration of Rights of People with HIV/AIDS (1993)

HIV infection is a worldwide epidemic, affecting people in every country. People with HIV/AIDS (with or without symptoms) are struggling to stay alive and live with dignity. Our voices must be heard and our special needs met.

This Declaration sets forth the responsibilities of government, international agencies, service bodies, private enterprise, unions, the media, health care providers, schools, religious institutions and all Australians to ensure that the rights of people living with HIV are protected. People with HIV/AIDS include women, children, sex workers, haemophiliacs, injecting drug users, indigenous people, people with disabilities, people of non-English speaking backgrounds, young adults, heterosexual, bisexual and transsexual persons, lesbians and gay men.

We make this public Declaration of the Rights of People with HIV/AIDS and call on all Australians to ensure that they are upheld.

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