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“As the peak body representing people living with HIV in Australia, we are delighted to see such a huge range of artists living with HIV from Australia and around the world working alongside some of the best minds in HIV science. Collaboration and innovation are a few of the keys to ending this epidemic and this exhibition demonstrates this.”

Aaron Cogle
Executive Director, NAPWHA

“ViiV Healthcare Australia is excited to be supporting HIV Science as Art. The project combines artistic creativity and scientific innovation to make important HIV related information easy to understand and accessible to the community. We are proud that this project has a global curation team to tell the story of HIV science and support a project that will also raise funds for people living with HIV across the Asia Pacific region.”

Dr Fraser Drummond
Country Medical Director ANZ, ViiV Healthcare

“Generating new scientific or clinical knowledge to benefit individuals, communities, and populations in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS is a challenging task. It is so exciting to bring artists and scientists together at the Conference and really looking forward to seeing how the pairs interact, consider creativity from very different domains, and crossfertilise ideas with each other.”

Dr Charles Gilks
IAS 2023 Co-Chair

“HIV science is life-saving and lifechanging. But it has never done that work on its own. The AIDS response has required inspiration, imagination and a mirror held up to both humanity’s beauty and its ugliness. Our dream of ending this epidemic relies on cutting edge science, showing up inequalities and sharing a vision for a new world. We have always needed art to help us come to terms with what ‘is’ and get up to speed with what ‘can be’.”

Eamonn Murphy
Director, Regional Support Teams for Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Central Asia regions, UNAIDS

“Metro Arts is honoured to partner on the presentation of this world-first HIV Science as Art project bringing international and national artists to Brisbane. As Queensland’s champion of new contemporary art we have a focus on works that are both exhilarating and thought-provoking whilst also creating vital connections to community. This exhibition promises all of this and yet again highlights the social benefits of the arts and its intrinsic value to our society as we all find a way forward together.”

Jo Thomas
CEO & Artistic Director, Metro Arts

This project is generously supported through an unrestricted
educational grant from ViiV healthcare

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