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Our Future, Beyond Resilience

NAPWHA is proud and thrilled to be a sponsor in collaboration with ViiV Healthcare, for Australia’s HIV congress for all people living with HIV in Australia. Congress applications are now open for 110 fully sponsored positions for this face-to-face congress held in Melbourne, Victoria in February 2022.

The ‘Our Future, Beyond Resilience’ congress will take place:

  • Face-to-face in Melbourne, Victoria on 12-13 February 2022
  • with a virtual pre-congress meeting to be held online on the 10 November 2021.

Why is this needed?

Connection and education are vital for thriving and HIV support should be available to everyone in Australia regardless as to where people live. Yet, Only 30% of people with HIV are connected with support. It is our goal to improve that. We invite the diverse population of people who live with HIV in Australia to attend this unique gathering.

Meeting face to face gives us the opportunity to connect, discuss, debate and explore what it means to live ‘Beyond Resilience’.

What will be covered?

  • Congress themes include
  • Making a space for hidden voices
  • The Positive Body Beyond Resilience
  • Living well with HIV
  • The Voice of the Body Positive

How to apply

Applications are open and are due to close 1st September 2021. Please register through the website.


Improve the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV


For people living with and affected by HIV

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