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Our Future, Beyond Resilience

The ‘Our Future, Beyond Resilience’ congress was to take place:

  • Face-to-face in Melbourne, Victoria on 12-13 February 2022 [cancelled]
  • with a virtual pre-congress meeting to be held online on the 10 November 2021 [not cancelled]

An update message from the
Advisory Group Chair (September 2021)

I write to update you about the Our Future, Beyond Resilience Congress which was planned for February next year in Melbourne. The Advisory Group, which is made up of positive people, met recently to review the risk associated with the Congress and have decided that it will now not be possible to proceed with the Congress as planned.

The Advisory Group considered a range of issues connected to the impact of Covid-19 on the Congress, including the variable take up on vaccinations, the virulence of the Delta strain and the impact on immunocompromised people. On balance, the Group has concluded that there is too much uncertainty to ensure the safety of participants at a gathering the size and scale of the Congress.

This most recent risk assessment was one of a number that the Advisory Group has undertaken over the two-year journey to bring the Congress into being. At each stage of the Covid-19 epidemic in our community, the Advisory Group has considered the risk and the obvious benefits of engagement and connection for people with HIV. As a result of these assessments, the Advisory Group consulted its key partners—  The National Association of People with HIV (NAPWHA) and ViiV Healthcare – on the feasibility of a face-to-face gathering in February 2022. The date for Congress has already been moved forward three times and it was determined that it was not possible to continue postponing this event amidst the uncertainty of the current and future Covid-19 environment.

On November 10th this year, the advisory group along with NAPWHA will host an online event open to all HIV positive people which explores the Congress themes, and we hope that people who have expressed interest in attending the Congress will attend. Applicants who are not currently connected to a local organisation for people with HIV will be contacted directly and provided with resources to enable them to connect with local support, should they choose to do so.

I am grateful for the hard work and detailed planning of the Advisory Group over the last two years which means that, should circumstances change, the task of organising a gathering like the Congress will be that much easier and straightforward.

I would also like to extend the gratitude of the Advisory Group, to the wide range of organisations and individuals who have given their time and attention to the possibility of the Congress. I hope for and look forward to the day that the promise of a Congress for HIV positive people can be fulfilled.

If you would like more information about the online event, or more detail about this communique, please feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Robert Mitchell
Advisory Group Chair Our Future, Beyond Resilience Congress
Mobile: 0406 925 937


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