Are we on-track to achieve Quality of Life for All by 2030?

NAPWHA is hosting an exciting symposium for participants in the joint Australasian Sexual Health and HIV&AIDS Conferences, asking a vital question: ‘Are we on-track to achieve Quality of Life for all people with HIV by 2030?’

Hosted by:  Daniel Reeders (NAPWHA)
Speakers:  Dr Nneka Nwokolo, ViiV Healthcare and Brent Allan, Policy Advisor, ASHM, ICASO and the IAS
Panel Discussants:  Dr Jason Ong, Michael Brown, Dr Vincent Cornelisse, Abbie, Dr Catriona Ooi, Emil Canita, Dr Clara Tuck Meng

The focus of this symposium is to explore two key questions among healthcare providers:

  1. What do you do to create and maintain a high-quality relationship with your patients living with HIV?
  2. What do you think is critical to ensure a high health-related quality of life among people living with HIV in Australia?

NAPWHA is working with partners to develop a Community Accord on Quality of Life of PLHIV in Australia (AusQoL) and this session will specifically look at the critical importance of how healthcare providers play a role in contributing to the quality of life of people living with HIV.

We’ll present findings from the Positive Perspectives 2 study that found Australia leads the world in treatment satisfaction – and we’ll ask what makes Australian HIV care exceptional in this regard.

It is expected that the session will provide conference delegates with a greater understanding of the intersection of how the patient and healthcare provider relationship is linked to a high health-related quality of life. And provide an opportunity for ASHM conference delegates to influence the development of a Community Accord on Quality of Life of PLHIV in Australia.

With an outstanding line-up of Australian HIV specialists and community advocates as well as international guests and experts in the field, this is an important opportunity to have an influence on what will be a seminal document speaking directly to what is required to achieve the 4th 90 in Australia.

This event is supported by ViiV Healthcare.

Artwork by Daniel Cordner.

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