2021 Australian HIV Positive Congress: ‘Our Future, Beyond Resilience’

‘Our Future, Beyond Resilience’ is a congress of HIV positive people planned for early September 2021.

It aims to bring together over 100 delegates from across Australia representing the diverse populations of HIV positive people.

It will be a forum of discussion on the issues that impact the lives of HIV positive people living in Australia and will be held in Melbourne prior to the Australasian HIV&AIDS conference with the intention of being a face-to-face gathering.

The congress is endorsed by the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) and supported by ViiV Healthcare.

The meaningful involvement of people with HIV

The meaningful involvement of people with HIV (MIPA) principles, inform the congress development. The congress is an opportunity for HIV positive people to have robust and comprehensive conversations about issues that affect them now and into the future.

The Advisory Group

An Advisory Group (AG) of 14 HIV Positive representatives was formed through an expression of interest process and has a broad diversity in its membership; young through to older, recently diagnosed through to people living long term, from across regional and metropolitan Australia and representing the diverse groups that encompass the HIV population.

The AG will decide the format, content and composition of the congress and will follow a workplan ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive and inspiring event. Work has already commenced and the title of this congress OUR FUTURE, BEYOND RESILIENCE, has been agreed.

The AG will, over the course of the next few months, determine a process for awarding the fully funded attendance scholarships for the congress. There will also be the option of a limited number of fully self-funded attendance by HIV positive people and those from organisations that support them. The process for this, along with the program and planned activities will be communicated as decisions are made.

Importantly, confirmation of the congress occurring as a face to face event will be made by the end of April 2021.

At the completion of the Congress there will be a Communique to the whole HIV sector outlining the discussions that have taken place and identifying matters arising. A more formal report and evaluation will also be available at the completion of the project.

An important element for this congress is the involvement of organisations and interested parties including individuals and small-scale entities within the program of the congress.

We are looking for Expressions of Interest

The Advisory Group is conducting an Expression of Interest process and extends an invite to all of the above to submit ideas for their engagement within the congress. The AG will consider these submissions as they build the congress program.

Expressions of Interest can be emailed to oonagh@onewisewoman.co and closing date for applications will be 26th March 2021

Contact for more information

If you require further information please don’t hesitate to contact:

  • Robert Mitchell (Chair – Advisory Group — Australian HIV Body Positive Congress) — +61 406 925 937 or Neika@activ8.net.au
  • Oonagh Rocks (Congress project manager)  — +61 401 085 116 or oonagh@onewisewoman.co
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