Positive Speakers Bureau (PSB)

Positive Speakers can be contacted through NAPWHA member organisations. The Positive Speakers Bureau members are the human face of HIV and help to reduce fear, myths, stigma, and discrimination and to help others better understand the realities of living with HIV. The Positive Speakers Bureau is run by and for HIV positive people who are highly trained public speakers and presenters.

Speaker’s tailor their presentations in response to each request and in accordance with their subject matter knowledge and experience. Our speaker’s primary aim is to talk about their personal experiences of living with HIV. However, topics such as homophobia, sexuality, social justice, and equity of healthcare access are commonly discussed alongside HIV and STI prevention and the promotion of safer sexual behaviours.

For more information about organising Positive Speakers, contact us.


Improve the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV


For people living with and affected by HIV

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