Webinar: Bi+ Health Awareness Month

Bi+ and living with HIV: Learning from our experience

 Research shows Bi+ people with HIV have important unmet needs for education, services and support. For Bi+ Health Awareness Month, NAPWHA ran a webinar on ‘Bi+ and Living with HIV – Learning from our experiences’. This dynamic webinar was hosted by Daniel Reeders, Learning Project Officer at NAPWHA.

Participants were given the opportunity to discuss the diverse needs, identities and experiences of Bi+ people with HIV. We heard from researcher Bella Bushby plus three Bi+ people with HIV with a perspective that is both practical and personal. 

NAPWHA Learning Podcast episodes.

In this episode of the NAPWHA Learning podcast, Daniel chats with Steph Lee, a queer and nonbinary person living with HIV, about their attraction to people of multiple genders.

Daniel chats with Steve Spencer about his experience as a Bi+ guy living with HIV — when he first worked out he was attracted to people of multiple genders, how he first came out as a gay man, and how people greeted him coming out again as Bi+!

In this episode of the NAPWHA Learning podcast, Daniel speaks with Steven about his experiences as a Bi+ man living with HIV in a regional centre.

This podcast episode presents the Q&A session from NAPWHA’s recent webinar celebrating Bi+ Health Awareness Month. Watch as Steph Lee, Steven and Steve Spencer answer questions from the audience about living Bi+ and HIV-positive!

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