Treatment Outreach Network meeting: Nov 2022

NAPWHA’s Treatment Outreach Network – a membership of professionals from Australian State and Territory peer-based PLHIV organisations and AIDS Councils, held their annual meeting in person on the 9th of November, 2022.

Meeting agenda

1.        Meeting Opening

1.1.       Welcome / Overview of the day
1.2.      Introductions and welcome to new members

2.       2 Drug Regimes

2.1.      Background on the science
2.2.    2DR v 3DR
2.2.1.  Switch
2.2.2.  Initiation
2.3.     Clinical perspective
2.4.     Q&A / Facilitated discussion

3.       Peer Support around Injectable ART

3.1.      Positive Perspective
3.1.1.  Considering Injectable ART
3.1.2.  Finding a clinic
3.1.3.  The journey so far
3.2.     Clinical perspective
3.2.1.  Clinic Readiness
3.2.2.  Working with PLHIV to initiate injectable therapy
3.3.     Providing peer support for PLHIV – Facilitated Discussion
3.3.1.  What does TON need to support or educate PLHIV looking to commence injectable therapy?

4.       HIV Futures 10

4.1.      Presentation
4.2.     Q&A

5.       Emerging Issues / Facilitated Discussion

5.1.      30 minute group discussion on emerging issues from TON members
5.2.    Treatments Roundtable



6.       MPX / National Response

6.1.      MPX overview
6.1.1.  What is MPX?
6.1.2.  Transmission
6.1.3.  Epidemiology
6.2.    Australian Response
6.2.1.  MPX National Taskforce
6.2.2.  Vaccination
6.2.3.  Q&A

7.       Conference Report back

7.1.      Report back from the AIDS 2022 and Australasian HIV Conference 2022
7.1.1.  Treatments pipeline / what’s new?
7.1.2.  Emerging clinical research
7.1.3.  IAS 2023

8.       HIV Cure

8.1.     Overview of HIV Cure research
8.2.     Discussion with Cure Study Participant + Q&A
8.3.     HIV Cure Workshop

9.       Reflections / Engagement with research

2 Drug Regimes

In this presentation to the Treatment Outreach Network, Dr Beng Eu from the Prahran Market Clinic presented an overview of 2-Drug Regimens (2DR) for treatment of HIV. In this session, Dr Beng Eu covered:

  • Background on the science
  • 2 Drug Regimens v 3 Drug Regimens: Switch and Initiation
  • Clinical perspective
  • Q&A / Facilitated discussion.

MPOX / National Response

In this presentation to the Treatment Outreach Network, Associate Professor James McMahon from The Alfred, Monash University and the MPOX National Taskforce, presented on MPOX and the Australian response to the outbreak, as well as implications for People Living with HIV.

(Please note: This presentation was recorded prior to the World Health Organisation’s recommendation for a new name for monkeypox disease, MPOX).

HIV Cure

In this presentation to the Treatment Outreach Network, Dr Jillian Lau from Monash University provided a comprehensive background to HIV cure science and research. Dr Lau also presented on future opportunities for HIV cure research and the progress towards a cure. 

About the NAPWHA Treatment Outreach Network

The Treatment Outreach Network (TON) is a formal collaboration of HIV community sector professionals working to optimise the overall wellbeing of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Australia, by providing a high standard of information and current research on issues of health and treatments for HIV.

TON’s role is to provide consistent and up-to-date information to HIV sector professionals working at state and territory HIV community organisations as well as PLHIV. NAPWHA maintains a range of partnerships to ensure the aims of the network are met. The network meets formally once per year and informal communication occurs throughout the rest of the year to continue TON’s work.

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