The National Network of Women Living with HIV

The Operational Planning Day for the National Network of Women Living with HIV is scheduled for Friday 15 October 2021 via Zoom.

NSW, ACT, Victoria + Tasmania:  10AM–4PM
South Australia:  9:30AM–3:30PM
Queensland:  9AM–3PM
Northern Territory:  8:30AM–2:30PM
Western Australia:  8AM–2PM
You can find additional time zones here

NAPWHA are very much looking forward to this coming together and planning the next steps of ensuring equity, quality of life and community support for all women living with HIV.

This virtual event is open to all women living with HIV. 

RSVP is ESSENTIAL by Thursday 7 October to Eloise Monteiro
at to confirm your attendance.

Program of the day’s event


The Positively Women Project: An interactive and practical presentation 


Acknowledgement of Country  

 Welcome from NAPWHA Introductions 

Summary report backs
from a range of organisations on current initiatives and issues affecting women living with HIV  


Tea break 


Community strength-mapping  

This strength mapping session will identify the skills, interests, and strengths of the network members, and explore how the diverse strengths of the group can work together to create meaningful action. 


Lunch break 


A facilitated discussion and development of the network structure and functions

As well as identifying opportunities to get involved 


Brainstorm of ideas and priorities for action in 2022
and beyond


Event close
The online space will remain open for those
who would like to socialise


Program highlight:  The Positively Women Project

The Positively Women Art Exhibition includes works of art created by women living with HIV throughout Australia and celebrates their lives, while bringing visibility to the stigma and discrimination they face in society.

This session will introduce the project, which is a community-based arts research study. The study is examining how meditative process art can influence health for women living with HIV and ally ship for those viewing the exhibition.

Please bring paper and a pencil to this session (or any other art materials you may have, for example coloured pencils, markers or pastels. We also encourage you to view the exhibition online ahead of this session.

Program highlight:  Women Living Well website re-design

The Living Well: Women with HIV website (by AFAO and NAPWHA) was launched on World AIDS Day 2015. An additional booklet was launched on 9 March 2016, as part of the inaugural National Day of Women Living with HIV in Australia, organised by Femfatales – a day of coordinated events connecting and supporting HIV-positive women across Australia.

Coming soon in late-2021:  This website will receive a refreshed website design with beautiful new illustrative artworks.

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