Physical Distancing + Social Connection

Physical Distancing + Social Connection

As COVID-19 brings in unprecedented measures on how we interact and live our lives, the sense of disconnect has become a challenge for many of us. Even the language of social distancing and isolation can be triggering when contact, intimacy, and togetherness play such a big part in our lives.

As COVID-19 took hold, in places like China and Italy amazing videos started to surface. People began connecting through dance, joining in communal song from their balconies; Police officers in Spain showed their lighter side in a time of crisis and performed Baby Shark for children unable to play outside.

Reframing the concept to one of “physical distancing + social connection” is the first step. We are for the most part living in an accessible digital age and technology can be a tool to help us interact, maintain relationships and entertain ourselves.

In challenging times, a lot of creativity and compassion is born and that is especially true now. Social media has never felt more social. Businesses and performers have had to adjust and be nimble with how they engage with us. Applications like Zoom, once used for business meetings, are now used for dinner parties and drinks among friends. There are mechanisms to watch Netflix and play board games with your loved ones live on the Internet. Entertainers from all fields are bringing content online, from drag shows to dance parties to live music. And the vast majority of it is free. There is an understanding that even though this situation is difficult, we are all in the same boat doing the best we can to stay in touch and smile and persevere.

How we interact may have changed but there is evidence of a very real and unwavering sense of solidarity, resilience, and connection all around us… You just have to hit the reset button and join in.

This article was originally written for the MyLife+ App