National Members Forum 2022 held in Sydney

National Members Forum 2022 held in Sydney

In June 2022, the NAPWHA national forum of its membership met together in a two-day event in a hybrid face-to-face and live video streaming event. It was the first face-to-face event to happen since the COVID-19 lockdowns commenced in 2020. The event brought together our NAPWHA members, NAPWHA networks, NAPWHA Board and Staff and featured speakers. The first day on Friday showcased the Health Literacy Framework project and the Finding Joy congress, supported by ViiV Healthcare Australia. Below are some of the forum’s agenda items and some of the presentations expanded.

Fit for Purpose project: Scott Harlum

Scott Harlum (NAPWHA President) presented on a ‘Fit for Purpose’ project.

Insurance and HIV: InterInsurance Group

Members of the InterInsurance Group (a network of LGBTIQA+ and professional allies from Australia’s largest insurers) presented on insurance and HIV.