Heads together: We can transform the region

Heads together: We can transform the region

Heads together: We can transform the region - an evening panel

Join Heads together: We can transform the region, NAPWHA’s evening discussion event supported by ViiV Healthcare, an associated event of the 2019 Australasian HIV Conference held in Perth 5.30pm – 7.00pm on Wednesday, 18 September 2019.

The presentations and panel discussion will bring together experts including community representatives, clinicians and researchers who are involved in the HIV response in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Timor Leste to identify current problems and issues and to investigate solutions.

The HIV epidemic in PNG is of significant concern due to high levels of HIV drug resistance, challenges in the delivery and supply chain for antiretroviral therapies as well as a range of systemic problems around health service delivery. In Timor Leste, currently there is a low reported prevalence of HIV, however country reports indicate increasing notifications of sexually transmissible infections. A recent report on HIV stigma and discrimination in Timor Leste has shown serious problems occurring in the delivery of HIV services and the way in which people living with HIV (PLHIV) are being treated.

In joining the evening panel, attendees can:

  • Gain an understanding, from people who can influence the system, of the issues facing PLHIV and those delivering health services to PLHIV in PNG and Timor Leste
  • Understand how effective models of collaboration between community, clinicians and industry can work in countries where there are limited resources or structural health system challenges
  • Be able to identify those components which assist in strengthening the HIV response in PNG and Timor Leste
Heads together: We can transform the region - evening panel
Hear presentations from:
  • John Rule (Senior Research Manager, NAPWHA; Panel Co-chair)  |  See John Rule’s Powerpoint Presentation
  • Arun Menon (ASHM Clinical Advisor; Clinical Director, Townsville Sexual Health Service)  |  See Arun Menon’s Powerpoint Presentation
  • Nick Mawe Dala (Director, National AIDS Council Secretariat)
  • Vikas Parwani (Solicitor, HIV/AIDS Legal Centre)
  • Janet Sangopa (President, Igat Hope Inc.)  |  See Janet Sangopa’s Powerpoint Presentation
  • Sheena Viegas (HIV Specialist, ASHM)
  • Chad Hughes (Deputy Program Director, Disease Elimination, Burnet Institute)
  • John Kaldor (Program Head, Public Health Interventions Research Group, The Kirby Institute, UNSW)
  • Darryl O’Donnell (CEO, Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations)

Registration to this free event is essential. To register your place at this session please email:  conference@ashm.org.au

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