Under the Strain: Join us for an online webinar during lockdown

Under the Strain: Join us for an online webinar during lockdown

With our Australian States currently in varying restrictions or lockdown, the stay-at-home directives may find us feeling stuck, under the strain, or plain overwhelmed by the barrage of unfolding information.

NAPWHA invited its communities, the HIV sector, including healthcare and community health workers to an one-hour online webinar on Tuesday 6 July 2021 at 6PM (AEST).

Panelists shared information about good coping strategies for mental health and also spoke about vaccines, the changing vaccine rollout, and what we know about new viral strains.

This webinar recording is available here:

  • 0:00 Aaron Cogle (NAPWHA Executive Director) acknowledgement of country and NAIDOC week; introduction of panelists
  • 4:31 Pre-recording of Ruth Hennessy (Head psychologist from Albion Centre, Sydney) speaking with Dr John Rule (NAPWHA Senior Research Manager)
  • 18:01 Dr Liz Crock (Nurse Practitioner) speaking with Richard Keane (Living Positive Victoria CEO)
  • 40:25 Panel Q&A

Video:  Watch a short interview recorded with Professor Jennifer Hoy (HIV Clinical Director of Alfred Health, Victoria) and Sarah Feagan (NAPWHA Vice President) on 6 July 2021 regarding the vaccine roll-out and people with HIV.