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National Stigma and Resilience Framework

This NAPWHA national strategic framework to address HIV stigma and build resilience capacity for people living with HIV is not a guideline, or a policy document. The information is intended for people to draw on in their work in a way that will encourage them to think about the building of resilience among people living with HIV as a legitimate goal of peer-led and other health and support services.


Quality of Life: Rediscovering What Matters

For World AIDS Day 2021, The National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) and ViiV healthcare Australia held a livestream event 'Quality of life for people with HIV: Rediscovering What Matters' with a panel including Brent Allan (QThink Consulting;...


Re-imagining the role of the NAPWHA Treatment Outreach Network

NAPWHA's Treatment Officer Network (TON) has operated for over twenty years. During that time the treatments landscape has changed fundamentally, as treatments have become simpler and easier to take, resulting in less demand from clients for treatment advice and...


Reflections on the Practice of Partnership

This report, published in 2013, has been produced as an official account of the collaboration between the National Association of People With HIV Australia (NAPWHA) and Igat Hope, the national positive people’s organisation in PNG. The report was commissioned by NAPWHA to record the outcomes of the decade-long partnership and to document the lessons NAPWHA has learned from the experience. The report is partly a re!ection on the part of the authors, but is also based on NAPWHA’s extensive records and archives of its work in PNG. The report draws on various evaluative documents that have been produced over the period of the partnership.


The Australian Community Accord on Quality of Life for PLHIV

The Australian Community Accord on Quality of Life for People Living with HIV: A person-centred framework for eliciting and addressing the drivers of self-perceived quality of life. This poster presented at AIDS2022 Conference (The 24th International AIDS Conference).


The Criminalisation of HIV Transmission in Australia: Legality, Morality and Reality

In this NAPWHA monograph published in 2009, the authors have described aspects of the recent trend in Australia of HIV exposure or transmission being pursued within a criminalisation framework. They have also documented how these cases have been prosecuted inconsistently across the country, and also how the cases have been represented in the broader public domain by various, and often inappropriate media coverage.

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