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Factsheet 1 – HIV Treatment Review

NAPWHA Treatment Factsheet 1. Are you on the best HIV treatment? There are so many different HIV treatments available today that everybody is now able to nd a combination that is best for them.


Factsheet 2 – HIV Drug Resistance

NAPWHA Treatment Factsheet 2. Can you avoid HIV drug resistance? There is not one type of HIV about but rather a large population of mixed viruses, some of which are drug-resistant.


Factsheet 3 – HIV treatment clash

NAPWHA Treatment Factsheet 3. Are you heading for a treatment clash? Combined with HIV treatment, some drug combinations can cause serious side-effects and make one or both drugs ineffective or toxic.


Factsheet 4 – Treatment as Prevention (TasP)

NAPWHA Treatment Factsheet 4. How confident are you that HIV treatment is prevention? We always knew that treatment reduced the chance of passing on HIV, but proving that it eliminated the risk took some time.

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