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#Peers Explain: Quantifying unmet HIV treatment needs research on TikTok

This poster presented at AIDS2022 Conference (The 24th International AIDS Conference) is the culminated of the work of the National Association of People Living with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) and ViiV Healthcare Australia. Did you know your relationship with your doctor can have a direct impact on your health? This explainer was made by HIV peers.


03 Treatment Factsheet – HIV treatment clash

NAPWHA Treatment Factsheet 3:  Are you heading for a treatment clash? Combined with HIV treatment, some drug combinations can cause serious side-effects and make one or both drugs ineffective or toxic.


06 Treatment Factsheet – How do HIV treatments really work?

There are five main families of HIV treatments currently available in Australia and each one attacks HIV in a completely different way. To understand how each treatment works, you also need to understand the life cycle that HIV goes through to replicate in your body.

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