HIV 101:

Online learning and resources for Healthcare Workers and patients aiming to improve the experiences and outcomes of HIV diagnosis

HIV Cure website screen grab

NAPWHA’s HIV 101 project, launched in 2021, aims to improve the experiences and outcomes of HIV diagnosis, particularly when this takes places in ‘low- and no-caseload’ clinics that have few or no patients with HIV and little familiarity with the contemporary realities of living with HIV.

HIV Cure website screen grab

To achieve this we are developing short online learning modules for three audiences, including:

  • GPs who are about to make a diagnosis
  • people who have just received a diagnosis
  • Aboriginal Health Practitioners who are supporting clients and contacts with HIV

The project takes a co-design approach that incorporates multiple rounds of insights and feedback from people living with HIV, particularly Community Advocates from the HIV Health Literacy Framework project and members of our HIV Peer Navigator network.

The learning modules form part of NAPWHA Learning, an exciting new initiative that offers engaging online learning experiences that are tailored for audiences with different needs, identities and experiences.

The HIV 101 project is funded under an unrestricted educational grant from ViiV.

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