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Positive Asian Network Australia (PANA)

Do you know there is a community for Asian People Living with HIV?
The Positive Asian Network Australia, known as PANA, is a community and advocacy group by and for all Asian people living with HIV (Asian PLHIV) in Australia. PANA is run by the community. We would like to find out our community’s needs and what has been challenging for Asian PLHIV. PANA members even simply want to get to know each other and stay close with the community. PANA is here for all Asian PLHIV, we are here for you.

Who we are

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PANA members connect through:

  • Regular social events
  • Monthly Zoom meetings (video call)
  • A private Facebook group

We also work on projects to advocate for the needs of positive Asian people
We are not a support service, if you need medical or legal advice please see your local org, HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC) or a medical professional. Access a list of HIV support service and other support organisations.

How to join

Are you interested in joining PANA? This is open to all people living with HIV, of Asian-background, and living in Australia. Fill in the registration form below and/or forward any questions to pana@napwha.org.au

Are you part of a clinic or community health organisation who can help promote our PANA posters?

If you are part of a community health organisation, or clinic, or multicultural organisation: We would love you help in promoting PANA. Simply download one of the four A3 posters from the button links below. Two designs are in in landscape format, the other two are in portrait format. Display the posters in a prominent waiting room or community notice board. We would appreciate your help!

Upcoming and previous events

Community forum about migration

On Wednesday 26TH October 6pm (AEDT). For this online community discussion forum we invited PLAN members to participate with PANA and, a panellist from HALC (HIV/AIDS Legal Centre) to join this session. From this forum, you will get to know what it means for people living with HIV to apply for student, work and partner visa processes. And another important pathway like health waiver process following with Q&A.

Our guest panellist from HALC will explain the visa process for PLHIV, and what is health waiver, followed by Q&A before the end of the session!

This discussion forum is for current PANA and PLAN members only, if you would like to become a member, please email: jimmy@napwha.org.au

Research that needs Asian PLHIV’s voices

Quality of life among gay and bisexual men living with HIV from culturally and linguistically diverse, or migrant, backgrounds

What is this Study about?

You are invited to participate in a study about the needs and experiences of men (cisgender or transgender) living with HIV who have migrant experiences or are from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and who have sex with men.

In this study we are interested in hearing about the ways in which HIV affects people’s lives and the places where people seek information, care and support. In particular, we want to understand how the HIV sector can better needs of people from migrant backgrounds who are living with HIV.

Please contact:  t.norman@latrobe.edu.au to be part of the study, you will receive gift voucher after the study.

How we started

PANA was founded in 2021 from work and the findings under the NAPWHA HIV Health Literacy Framework project. The Health Literacy Framework project is a community-led project which employs a community member to develop and tailored health promotion for people living with HIV (PLHIV). Community Advocate, Jimmy Yu-Hsiang Chen consulted with community peers to develop the ideas for PANA.

PANA has been established by a group of community peers through NAPWHA and continues to advocate for HIV health literacy and health promotion — e.g. Undetectable=Untransmittable. PANA members have regular meetings for advocacy work and to support the PANA social online spaces and events.

PANA created its own Facebook private group to connect with other Asian People Living with HIV in a safe and supportive environment to improve community’s need. If you like to know more information, you can fill out the form to receive up-to-date information or choose to join Facebook private group.

NAPWHA Project Officer, Eloise Monteiro presented as part of a Health Literacy Framework project report back to members at the AGM 2021.

Community Advocates from the project made announcements of new NAPWHA-auspiced national networks: Jimmy Chen of Positive Asian Network Australia (PANA); Anth McCarthy of Positive HetMAN (Heterosexual Men Australia Network); and Cristian Cortes of Positive Latin American Network aka PLAN Latinx Australia — Download the Slides

How our meetings are conducted

The group connects primarily by teleconference, with capacity for an annual face-to-face meeting. An email loop is used to facilitate discussion and consultation between meeting times, circulate information for discussion, and assist in NAPWHA’s consultation process as matters arise.


Improve the health and wellbeing of people living with HIV


For people living with and affected by HIV

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