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13 May 2014

Title: Experiences of HIV: The Seroconversion Study Report 2012   (PDF File 1.5 MB)

Author(s): Ian Down, Kathy Triffitt, Asha Persson, Jeanne Ellard, Graham Brown, Garrett Prestage

Description: The Seroconversion Study collects both quantitative and qualitative data from people in Australia who have been recently diagnosed with HIV. This report examines the responses collected between September 2007 and August 2012. For most of that period, only men were eligible for the study. In June 2010, the study was adapted to give women recently diagnosed with HIV the opportunity to participate. Issues that are specific to the women and heterosexual men in the sample are outlined in part two of the results section.

Published: 2012


Title: HIV Futures Seven   (PDF File 1.1 MB)

Author(s): Jeffrey Grierson, Marian K Pitts, Rachel Koelmeyer,

Description: HIV Futures Seven research report.

Published: 2013

Subject: HIV

Title: Tracking Changes   (PDF File 700.3 KB)

Author(s): Jeffrey Grierson, Rachel Koelmeyer, Marian K Pitts.

Description: The key aim of this study was to develop a deeper understanding of the experiences of PLHIV and HIV clinicians starting and switching ARV 15 years on from the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).

Published: 2011

Subject: HIV


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