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People living with HIV have a long history of  trial particpation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have worked closely with researchers, clinicians, scientists and the pharmaceutical industry to improve HIV treatment and care in Australia. 

The cure

Modern HIV treatment is highly effective and life-changing, but it suppresses rather than eradicates HIV and it is therefore necessary to keep taking it for life. The effects of stopping treatment are very clear: viral replication, viral load and HIV-associated inflammation will all increase, often...

Guide to clinical trials

If you've ever participated in a clinical trial , or tried to make sense of scientific research reports, you may have found some of the specialised language confusing to say the least. Let's look at...

Social research

Social research is an important way for us to understand the lived experiences of people living with HIV. What we discover from it helps guide policy-making and changes systems for the better. This is why NAPWHA supports the work of social researchers in Australia and overseas. See also Personal...

HIV trials database

Clinical trials open for enrolment are listed below. Click the trial name for more information about that trial.