Permanent residence for PLHIV

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This factsheet provides general information about how an HIV-positive diagnosis may affect an application for permanent residence in Australia. The policies are quite complicated and the process of applying for a permanent visa for someone with HIV can be daunting. The best approach is to get professional advice, either from a migration agent or lawyer. Contact details for getting advice and help are listed at the end of this factsheet.

The information in this Factsheet is correct as at March 2011. Immigration legislation,regulations and procedures change from time to time. You should check before you act on this information, and it would be advisable to contact a migration agent or legal centre if you need legal advice or assistance regarding your own or another person’s situation.

The information in this factsheet is designed to help you to understand how Australian migration law operates for people living with HIV. The information in the Factsheet does not constitute legal advice and the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations cannot assume responsibility for the consequences of any errors in this guide.