NAPWHA Annual Report 2014-2015

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From the President, Robert Mitchell's Report:

"Following the frantic lead-up to AIDS 2014, this year could best be described as a time of consolidation and development. We should be extremely proud of what NAPWHA and our membership achieved at the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne - particularly our state hosts, Living Positive Victoria.


"This year also saw an exciting development in the area of PLHIV state representation. The NAPWHA Board approved a proposal from PLHIV in Western Australia to enable HIV-positive western Australians to join, via the NAPWHA website, a WA state-based community group. If this model is successful, it is hoped that PLHIV in other states without incorporated PLHIV organisations will also be able to utilise NAPWHA to help them communicate and coordinate their advocacy and activism.


"In closing, I would like to thank the Board of NAPWHA for their support and work throughout the year. For their valuable contributions, I particularly acknowledge lance Feeney and Angus Binge who left the Board at the AGM and also Bill Paterson who resigned to take up a staff position during the year."