Managing side effects

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This booklet is for people with HIV who experience side effects from HIV treatments or other physical symptoms that may be due to HIV infection. It is intended as a guide to help you identify the kinds of side effects that some people with HIV experience, and to provide suggestions on how to prevent, manage, reduce or eliminate some common side effects through the use of medicines, complementary and supportive therapies or practical measures. Because some side effects can be serious, it is highly advisable that you discuss any side effects you have, or treatments you plan to use to manage them, with your doctor or health care provider before deciding on any course of action.

Not everyone taking treatments experiences side effects, but most people can benefit from knowing how to recognise and manage them should they occur. The objective of HIV treatment is to keep you well and maximise your quality of life, but side effects can make it hard to stick to your treatment schedule.

Knowing how to minimise any side effects can make a huge difference to your wellbeing and can help ensure that you get the most from your treatments.