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iPlanPLUS! is designed to help you talk with your doctor/s about your HIV treatments to ensure that your combination:

  • effectively controls HIV and
  • protects other aspects of your health and wellbeing, and
  • reduces the likelihood of treatment-related side effects in the long-term.

The National Association of People With HIV Australia (NAPWHA) believes that all people living with HIV (PLHIV) deserve the highest possible standard of care and treatment, and that it is also important for PLHIV to become active participants in their healthcare decisions.

NAPWHA also believes that all PLHIV should regularly review their treatment combination with theirHIV specialist doctor/s.

Research shows that PLHIV enjoy better health if their treatment and care is planned in partnership
with their doctors and other people involved in their care and support.

iPlanPLUS! was developed by NAPWHA through an unrestricted educational grant from ViiV Healtcare.

Read iPlanPLUS! in flipbook format or download PDF below.