HIV, Viral Hepatitis & STIs, A Guide for Primary Care

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The 2014 ASHM publication HIV, Viral Hepatitis & STIs, A Guide for Primary Care is a resource primarily for practicioners.

The 2013 evaluation of the guide strongly indicated the need for this valuable resource to remain in hard copy. The first edition of this widely used teaching and reference guide was first produced in 2001, with a second in 2004 and a third edition in 2008. While an online searchable PDF version would be an asset for busy practitioners, the hard copy allows for easier access by those in regional and remote settings and by those working in demanding, time poor work environments with limited computer access and internet availability. Clinicians who test for HIV and viral hepatitis and those who provide non-specialist care for patients with these infections make up the intended audience for this monograph, as well as primary care practitioners who see patients with STIs and those who screen for STIs in their day-to-day work. Physicians, medical students, nurses, allied health professionals, as well as individuals with a specific interest in these conditions, will continue to find this resource valuable.

As the 2014 process was a review only, major structural changes have been minimal. The most significant change has been the separation of hepatitis C and hepatitis B content into separate chapters under the section on management in the primary care setting. Changes to hepatitis C treatment have been significant and our knowledge of how to test and treat people living with hepatitis B in Australia has progressed; these advances are reflected in the rewriting of these chapters.

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