Benchmarks Towards a Better Place

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NAPWHA has conducted an ‘audit’ to capture positive peoples' experiences of the services they use.

The audit represents new and important work for NAPWHA. It addresses a number of questions about service needs,constituency and representation, geography and the policy and advocacy work of NAPWHA.

The audit included a survey which was mailed out to approximately 100 HIV-positive conference delegates in December 2005. Completed surveys were accepted until the closing date of January 27, 2006. A total of 64 surveys were completed and returned by mail to NAPWHA.

In addition to the survey, interviews were conducted with 24 people working in community-based HIV services provision (see consultation schedule attached). Community partners were asked to talk about their experiences of service delivery, and to comment on a number of issues including barriers to effective service provision, the impact of change on their current practice and the needs of clients, and its implications for future service delivery.

15 December 2007