Specialist Sydney clinic for over 50s

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22 May 2014

Now that we are living much longer, we are prone to a range of health conditions that affect other older people. And given PLHIV are already living with one chronic condition, some of these may materialise earlier than expected.

In response to this, St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney has set up a specialist monthly clinic for people with HIV over 50 who also have a number of other serious health issues. These might include diabetes or being at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The clinic gives you the opportunity to see three specialists plus a dietitian and a pharmacist, and to receive a comprehensive assessment of your health and treatments, including a scan to assess for blockages in your heart arteries and a bone density scan to look for osteoporosis. The results and treatment recommendations will then be relayed to your regular doctor.

A referral to the clinic is required from your GP. For more information you can email: ibactreatment@stvincents.com.auor call St Vincent’s Hospital on (02) 8382 3121.