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10 Sep 2015

The AFAO Health Promotion Program has launched a revised, web-based version of the joint AFAO /NAPWHA publication HIV Tests and Treatments

This website describes drugs for the treatment and management of HIV infection. It also describes some common tests used to monitor the health of people with HIV, and how these tests can be used to make decisions about starting or changing antiretroviral treatments.

The website is for all people with HIV whether currently on treatment or not, and whether thinking about starting, delaying or changing treatment. It is for people recently diagnosed and for those who have known about their HIV positive status for some time.

The information on this website is designed to help you:

  • understand how HIV treatments work, and what drugs are currently available
  • understand the different tests which might be suggested by your doctor to help monitor your health
  • work with your doctor to come up with the most appropriate HIV treatment and management strategy for you

It also contains some information about:

  • drug side-effects and how they might be managed
  • tips for getting the most out of your drugs