Resource for newly diagnosed

28/01/16 •
This resource is for people recently diagnosed with HIV. 

NAPWHA Annual Report 2014-2015

12/11/15 •
NAPWHA Annual Report 2014-2015 cover
From the President, Robert Mitchell's Report:

2015 Annual Surveillance Report of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia

17/09/15 •
This report is the nineteenth annual review of available surveillance data pertaining to the occurrence of HIV, viral hepatitis

HIV-Associated MND (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder)

20/11/14 •
HIV-Associated MND cover
Now that effective treatments for HIV are available, there has been a steady decline in the number of people with HIV-related dementia.

NAPWHA Annual Report 2013-2014

06/11/14 •
Annual Report 2013-14 cover
Preparations, strategies and funding uncertainties: the year as summarised by NAPWHA President, Robert Mitchell.

2014 Annual Surveillance Report of HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs

09/10/14 •
Annual Surveillance Report 2014 cover
This report is the eighteenth annual review of available surveillance data pertaining to the occurrence of HIV, viral hepatitis

Seventh National HIV Strategy

09/07/14 •
Read the Seventh National HIV Strategy which outlines, among other things, a commitment to improved access to HIV testing and treatments.

Benchmarks Towards a Better Place

27/06/14 •
Benchmarks Towards a Better Place cover
NAPWHA has conducted an ‘audit’ to capture positive peoples' experiences of the services they use.

Mapping HIV outcomes: geographical and clinical forecasts of numbers of people living with HIV in Australia

27/06/14 •
Mapping Outcomes cover
This report is the first in a series of reviews looking at patterns of the shifts and trends in the Australian HIV-positive population. 

The Australian HIV Observational Database Temporary Residents Access Study (ATRAS)

27/06/14 •
ATRAS cover
This is the first study in Australia to collect information on HIV-positive patients who are not eligible for Medicare.

Implementing the United Nations Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS in Australia’s Domestic Response: Turning Political Will into Action

27/06/14 •
Implementing the United Nations Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS in Australia’s Domestic Response cover
This report is a blueprint for reinvigorating the Australian response to HIV and has been prepared by a coalition of state and national groups. 

Having a baby

20/06/14 •
People with HIV have the same hopes and desires about having children as anyone.

Clinical trials factsheet

20/06/14 •
This fact sheet provided information and answers some commonly asked questions for people who are considering participating in a clinical trial

The criminalisation of HIV transmission in Australia: legality, morality and reality

05/06/14 •
Criminalisation monograph cover
This monograph addresses the issue of criminal prosecution of people who transmit HIV in Australia.

Language and style guide

05/06/14 •
A lot of things have changed around HIV; we understand it better and fear it less. ART is helping it become a manageable disease.

Declaration of rights for people living with HIV/AIDS

05/06/14 •
Declaration of rights
Worldwide, approximately 40 million people live with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes AIDS.

A guide for women living with HIV in NSW

30/05/14 •
Women living with HIV cover
Because of the nature of the HIV epidemic in Australia, the needs and concerns of positive women are often overlooked, misunderstood or ignored.

NAPWHA rules

30/05/14 •