Self-test kit on sell in UK

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02 Jun 2015

Dubbed “the world’s most accurate HIV self-test”, the first legally approved DIY HIV test kit has gone on sale in the UK allowing people to get a result in 15 minutes.

Manufactured by BioSure and retailing online for £29.95 ($60), the HIV self-test has, it is claimed, a 99.7 percent accuracy rate. Experts advise, however, that any positive results be confirmed by a healthcare professional. 

Detecting antibodies from a small drop of blood, it is hoped the single-use, disposable kit (pictured) will help normalise HIV testing and reduce some of the 26,000 people estimated to have undiagnosed HIV in the UK.

“Knowing your HIV status is critical,” said BioSure founder Brigette Bard. “The launch of this product will empower people to discreetly test themselves when it is convenient to them and in a place where they feel comfortable.” The introduction of hometesting kits in the UK highlights the lack of availability of such a product in Australia. Although the Therapuetic Goods Administration lifted restrictions on the sale of home-testing products last year, as yet, no manufacturer has applied to supply such a kit.