Handing over the reins

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12 Jun 2014

Positive Living is an exciting beast. It slinks up on you every three months and demands your attention. It requires a lot of feeding, many trainers, and a great deal of taming to pull it into line. Why the animal analogy? I’m not sure. Perhaps I’m feeling a little free and unfettered now that my well-loved baby is being cared for by another. And I know it’s in good hands. 

New editor Christopher Kelly comes with a wealth of journalistic experience and a passion for our community. Plus he has committed helpers. David ‘Steadfast’ Menadue, who never fails to come up with a compelling feature story. Neil ‘The Researcher’ McKellar-Stewart, whose attention to scientific detail is unparalleled. Stevie Bee with his inimitable design style and unerring patience in disputes over grammar and punctuation.

Plus Daniel Brace, Jane Costello, Vicky Fisher, James May, Alex Mindel, Louise Owen, Jo Watson, Peter Watts . . . all our contributors, fact-checkers and, of course, you, dear readers.

Thank you.

The ride has been glorious.