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03 Dec 2015

Positive Living is NAPWHA’s flagship publication. Published four times a year, Positive Living is a national magazine for all people living with and affected by HIV in Australia. Containing treatment news and lifestyle features, Positive Living aims to help its readers become active partners in their healthcare and to help empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

A lot of things have changed around HIV; we understand it better and fear it less. But still people living with the disease continue to experience stigma and discrimination. Positive Living aims to break down such ignorance and prejudice by putting a human face on the disease. We do this by sharing personal stories of positive people. These contributions lie at the core of the publication’s credibility.

Whether explaining the different classes of HIV treatments available, offering advice on how to manage pain, sharing healthy eating tips or investigating the hot issues of the day, Positive Living remains a vital and relevant source of information, education and support for people living with HIV in Australia.