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20 Oct 2014

The ‘Better to Know’ website is a new online information space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women. It provides detailed information on sexually transmissible infections (STIs), HIV, testing and treatment.

The sexually transmissable infection section is divided into Men’s Business and Women’s Business, so that sensitive information can be covered in a way that is respectful to Aboriginal culture.

An interactive feature of this site allows the user to receive periodical email or SMS reminders (three-monthly, six-monthly or annually) to have a sexual health check. It also allows users to notify their recent sexual partners that they may have been at risk of having an STI and encourage them to consider sexual health testing.

The website is also a practical tool for health practitioners and counsellors in Aboriginal Medical Services, sexual health centres and general practice to assist their patients in partner notification.

The site is supported with promotional posters and cards for sexual health centres and Aboriginal Medical Services.

To check out the website go to