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23 Oct 2015


The Positive Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Network (PATSIN ) is a formalisation of a supportive Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander HIV network, at a national level. This network has always been supported by the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA).


PATSIN was formalised in June 2003 at a meeting in Adelaide; its associate membership of NAPWHA was endorsed by a special resolution of the NAPWHA membership in October 2003.

PATSIN recognises the diversity of the lived experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people and undertakes to provide informed advocacy, support and information dissemination to all HIV-positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people.


PATSIN will seek to do its work through a core membership committee of least (9) nine people and a Convenor; meeting once per year and via teleconferencing as required.

PATSIN will endeavour to ensure that women hold (3) three positions within this core group. 


At least (4) four committee members are required to make a quorum to vote on decisions. 

PATSIN will work to advocate for HIV-positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people, including urban, rural and remote settings.

PATSIN will promote care, support and treatments education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people.

PATSIN will work in a collaborative and corroborative manner to ensure appropriate skills development with allied service delivery in a culturally appropriate manner.

The Convenor of PATSIN where necessary can delegate to ensure a member from the core committee is available to undertake representation of PATSIN and its work. 

 October 2017