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Post by PATSIN09 Oct 2013

PATSIN continues to provide a voice to advance the rights and dignity of indigenous people living with HIV. Regular teleconferences and a Face-to-Face meeting in Sydney provided an opportunity to come together and discuss issues relevant to the network and the ATSI-positive population.

PATSIN has a new logo which was designed by the indigenous artist and PATSIN member Arone Meeks. Arone produces paintings, sculpture and prints that express a passion for country, spirituality, sexuality and politics.  

Arone describes  the key purpose of the logo is to provide "a safe place to yarn, and a special place where members could support each other, inclusive of any of our mob that were living with HIV, therefore having a voice and a say in what was happening with our future issues. The male image to the right of the Rainbow Serpent (our creator) and to the left a female image ….  The central serpent shape also carries designs of ‘Creation’ and the virus that some our mob carry …. The overall colours of the logo are that of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags." 

The logo has been used on our new banner and polo shirts. Plans are in place to use the logo on a poster and a new pamphlet. The pamphlet is in the final stages of production and will be released in late 2013.

PATSIN is represented on the Australian Aboriginal Organising Committee (AAOC), providing input to the International Indigenous Working Group on HIV/AIDS (IIWGHA), as they organise the Indigenous HIV summit in the lead-up to AIDS 2014. The Indigenous HIV summit will provide an opportunity to meet indigenous communities from around the world and share ideas and knowledge.

Ian Saunders continued to successfully chair the group, as PATSIN entered the planning stages for AIDS 2014. The membership of PATSIN has increased and this has brought a renewed energy to the group. It’s an exhilarating time for PATSIN as they move forward and plan for a busy year ahead.