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The NAPWHA-auspiced Positive Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Network (PATSIN) is a national membership-based group for indigenous people living with HIV. It works within Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) communities and service providers to represent the interests of indigenous Australians. PATSIN exists to provide an outlet for exchanging experiences and knowledge about HIV, and to advocate for change at the community level. PATSIN is committed to increasing education and addressing the high-level of HIV stigma within indigenous communities. PATSIN recognises the diversity of the lived experience of indigenous people and undertakes to provide the best possible advocacy, support and information dissemination to all ATSI PLHIV, by providing culturally appropriate peer support.

ATSIHAW Launch Video

A call to action

As was discussed at the AIDS 2014 Indigenous Pre-Conference in Sydney, it is time to urgently step up the pace on HIV response targets so that the First Peoples of Australia don't get left behind...