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26 Jun 2017

The following are creative messages developed by positive women to mark this year's National Day of Women Living with HIV.


“Celebrate your struggle, for in it lies the beauty and revelation of your tremendous strength and resilience”


“Wishing you well Health – Dance Dream Plan & Succeed. With Love from us all”

“We are behind you. We are with you”

“B Proud”

“U R beautiful the way you are”

“Love is sharing and caring”


“Advocate for EQUITY HIV”

“Powerful Together”

“Soar on eagle’s wings! You are not alone”

“Dark side, stigma, virus , pain”


“Stars and hearts (stickers)”

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible”

“I am here to support you”

“We are all standing beside you”


“Working together across cultures and across genders mutual support”

“I will be with you through thick and thin”

“Be strong be courageous”

“The world to change their heart”

“I’m listening to you”

“You don’t always have to be a warrior woman. Everyone has bad days”

“Unhurried time”



“The more we/you share our experiences, the closer it brings us”

“You don’t have to be strong. You don’t have to be brave. You don’t need to inspire. You just need to be YOU!”

“We all encounter challenges in our lives. Challenges may come with different names. HIV is just one of those names, it’s not something a person owns. So, forget it, let’s move on and be brave to face up to more challenges!”


“Adequate FUNDING for programs/services”

“You are an amazing woman”

“You are my heart. You are an amazing woman in the world!”

“Be together share together join forces educate! Empower everyone”


“I hear you. I care about you.  You are part of us & we are part of you”

“I can listen… even when I can’t do, I can just listen x”

“I always there for you. You deserve to be loved.”

“The virus does not DEFINE you”

“Respect all women living with HIV. Empower”

“Your strength, power, wisdom and beauty continues to empower and teach us.