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10 Apr 2014

There are a number of good websites which can be a source of useful information for PLHIV intending to travel.

Important Australian sites:

The Australian Government  'Smart Traveller' is an essential site for general information for people travelling overseas. Refer especially to the section on Health which includes advice on travel insurance, carrying medication and reciprocal health

The Medicare section of the Australian Government’s Human Services website has a section on reciprocal healthcare agreements, which cover the cost of essential medical treatment for Australian residents travelling in some countries:

Vaccinations required for destination countries and other advice can be found  in the travel health planner at 

Useful international sites:

The Global Database is a web-based resource which provides updated information from 196 countries, on existing regulations denying entry or residency for people living with HIV, based on relevant country legislation:

This US-based site has extensive information on travel for HIV-positive people, including a map showing countries with restrictions on travel for PLHIV . There is a section on retreats and support for those affected by HIV has a good section on travelling with HIV, though again from a US perspective:

Comprehensive and authoritative UK-based AIDSmap has information about treatments, side effects, research, and many other HIV-related issues, including travel and travel

UK-based Terrence Higgins Trust also has reliable information on HIV issues, including travel and travel