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NAPWHA has long been involved in and committed to issues of equality and freedom of movement.

With proper treatment, people living with HIV lead full and active lives, including traveling for business and pleasure. However, there are many things to consider if you are planning a trip outside Australia. It’s important to plan carefully to protect your health and safety.

Talk to your health care provider or an expert in travel medicine about health risks in the area you plan to visit—especially if it is in a developing country. 

The articles and websites below provide information about countries with restrictions on PLHIV

For information on travelling to Australia see Immigration

Links to travel information sites

There are a number of good websites which can be a source of useful information for PLHIV intending to travel. Important Australian sites: The Australian Government 'Smart Traveller' is an essential...

Fit to travel

Pedro from Queensland writes: I’m thinking of going on a five-week holiday. First stop Bali, followed by Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, then back home. Do you have any special advice about...

Global Database on HIV-specific Travel and Residence Restrictions

This database lists country-by-country how each government of the world does or does not impose these outdated and discriminatory laws. While these restrictions are commonly referred to as “travel restrictions”, the effect these laws have on individuals and families is more serious than this term may imply. Please use this database to learn more.

The positive traveller

One of the first overseas trips I took after being diagnosed with an AIDS-defining illness was to the USA. The ban on people with HIV entering the country was in full force at the time so, needless...

Travel restrictions still an issue

At least 44 countries still have some form of entry, stay, work or residence restrictions for people with HIV, according to data presented at a session on HIV-related travel restrictions at the...