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29 Oct 2015

Positive Life NSW is working on a campaign about sero-difference (or ‘sero-discordance’) in relationships. 

Called 'HIV Difference?' the campaign will be about relationships where partners have a mixed HIV status: negative, positive or unknown.

The aim of the campaign is to help reduce HIV transmission, improve relationship negotiation, and address stigma and fear. If you are in, or have been in, a poz-neg-unknown relationship and have recent first-hand experience of any of the following topics and would like to share your story, Positive Life NSW would love to hear from you:

  • Taking PEP or PrEP
  • How important is an undetectable viral load and how do you deal with times when your viral load remains detectable?
  • Talking with a partner about receiving a STI diagnosis and the need for them to get tested
  • Using condoms and safer sex in a sero-different relationship

We want to talk to HIV-positive and negative people — male, female, transgender, gay, straight, queer or bisexual from all over NSW. Interviews can happen over the phone. Participants will receive a $50 Woolworths’ voucher for their time.

If you have a story to tell, please get in touch on (02) 9206 2176 or email