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27 May 2014

The revised Women & HIV Factsheets were launched in March 2010h and are now available as PDF files for easy and free downloading. Written in plain English, the factsheets have a fresh look with colourful images and an attractive new design.

This series is designed to fill a gap in current resources about HIV that are jargon free and easy to understand. This makes the factsheets particularly appropriate for women who have been recently diagnosed, including women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds (CALD).

The factsheets are used as a first-point-of-information and can be used as a full series or individually by topic: ‘Testing for HIV’, ‘Recently diagnosed’, ‘Looking after yourself, ‘Treatments’, ‘Pregnancy & me’ and ‘NSW Services’.

While the services listed are only applicable to women living with HIV residing in NSW, the rest of the information is relevant for women across the country.

You can download the factsheets from: