Life insurance now an option

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Post by Adrian Ogier07 Mar 2013

Once upon a time, HIV was viewed as too much of an insurance risk. But these days, some Australian companies are offering full policies for people living with HIV.

As with any pre-existing condition, they do require medical underwriting to assess your risk. For example, insurers prefer to see a good level of control that includes being on treatment, a low or undetectable viral load, a CD4 count above 350 and no significant comorbidities.

As part of the application, an insurer will request a report from your doctor to confirm treatment and ongoing control of your condition. The insurer will also request a ‘confidential lifestyle questionnaire’ to assess any additional lifestyle risk factors.

Coverage is generally limited to $250,000 and offered on a 10- year term — meaning the policy expires after 10 years and you have to reapply. Policies like these are usually offered with a higher premium, however, lower-cost accidental-death-only policies require no medical underwriting.